Umbrian tradition norcina

Norcineria Mastro Peppe in Norcia is one of the most representative realities of the Umbrian norcina tradition. Its success is the result of a passion handed down from generation to generation, but most of all, the quality and authenticity of its products.

Norcineria Mastro Peppe is in fact a pork butchery that has made the genuineness of its products one of its core values. The raw material used is of the highest quality and comes exclusively from animals raised in Norcia, following hygiene regulations and respecting the nature of the animals themselves.

The ingredients

Meat and cold cuts are processed exclusively in an artisanal way, following local traditions and using ancient and natural techniques. The ingredients used in the processing of cured meats and bagged meats are free of chemical additives, nitrate-free, lactose-free and gluten-free, thus ensuring products of the highest quality and authenticity.

The result is a wide selection of cured meats and sausages with unique organoleptic characteristics, capable of satisfying even the most demanding and refined palates. Norcineria Mastro Peppe offers a wide selection of typical Umbrian products, such as the famous Norcia ham, coppa, pancetta, sausage, salami and many more.

Genuineness and quality

Norcia’s Norcineria Mastro Peppe is a business that makes authenticity and product quality its core values. These values are the result of the passion and dedication of the Mastro Peppe family, which has been involved in the production of the highest quality cold cuts and cheeses for generations. The farm is located in the heart of Norcia, an Umbrian town that has been renowned for centuries for its production of cured meats and cheeses.

Animals are free in the wild

Norcineria Mastro Peppe stands out for its careful selection of raw materials. The meat used comes exclusively from animals raised in Norcia, an area characterized by unspoiled and lush nature. Mastro Peppe’s pork butchery strictly follows current hygienic regulations, but at the same time respects the welfare of animals and their nature. This means that the animals are free to move around and express their natural behavior, without stress or constraints that could compromise meat quality.

Ultimately, Norcineria Mastro Peppe represents a concrete example of how passion, tradition and product quality can go hand in hand. If you are a lover of good pork products, you cannot miss the opportunity to discover the genuine, top-quality products of Norcia’s Mastro Peppe pork butchery.

The 3 Exclusive Guarantees

Mastro Peppe

Genuine products


This is a fundamental value of good pork products. We use only high quality raw materials from animals raised in Norcia with respect for their nature and hygienic rules. The ingredients used in the processing of our cured meats and bagged meats are free of chemical additives, nitrate-free, lactose-free and gluten-free.

Local products


Norcineria is a profession that originated in Norcia, Umbria. We have developed typical processing and production techniques that have been handed down from generation to generation. We were the first and are the only ones with farming, processing, production and curing in the Norcia area, respecting local traditions.

handicraft products


Meat processing is an art that requires skill and expertise. Our pork butchery is run by artisans who know how to process meat with skill and passion, using traditional production techniques.We carefully follow all stages of the process to obtain high quality products with an authentic and inimitable flavor.