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The True Pork Factory

Look for the “Mastro Peppe” brand if you want a guarantee of quality and savor the goodness of True Traditional Norcineria of Norcia

The 3 Exclusive Guarantees

Mastro Peppe

Genuine products


This is a fundamental value of good pork products. We use only high quality raw materials from animals raised in Norcia with respect for their nature and hygienic rules. The ingredients used in the processing of our cured meats and bagged meats are free of chemical additives, nitrate-free, lactose-free and gluten-free.

Local products


Norcineria is a profession that originated in Norcia, Umbria. We have developed typical processing and production techniques that have been handed down from generation to generation. We were the first and are the only ones with farming, processing, production and curing in the Norcia area, respecting local traditions.

handicraft products


Meat processing is an art that requires skill and expertise. Our pork butchery is run by artisans who know how to process meat with skill and passion, using traditional production techniques.We carefully follow all stages of the process to obtain high quality products with an authentic and inimitable flavor.

Norcia pigs raised in the wild
Norcia ham, Norcineria Ansuini Mastro Peppe

Since 1938

We are not afraid of competition

Feel the difference!

For 85 years we have worked with dedication and passion to select only the best local raw materials and process them into our PDO, PGI and typical local cured meats. Our pigs are free-range and their meats are processed with only natural spices and flavorings-no preservatives, dyes or nitrates. Lonza, Lonzino, Corallina, Ciabuscolo, Prosciutto Sausage, Coglioni di Mulo, Salame Norcino are the result of “recipes” handed down from generation to generation. They are products that smell of history, tradition and self-love, love for Norcia and our territory. We are not afraid of competition, because we know that the real taste is the same as always. A simple, clean, sincere taste: the norcino taste, 100% Italian. Try its unique and unmistakable taste. You will be surprised and won over.

Logo Norcineria Ansuini Mastro Peppe

Maximum liking

Here’s what people who have tasted our products say

Fabio Pinzani
Fabio Pinzani
Personale gentile e alla mano
Alessandro Buttigliero
Alessandro Buttigliero
Quando entri nel negozio sei quasi stordito dai vari profumi che sprigionano i prosciutti, i salami , il loro famoso Ciabuscolo, per non parlare dei tartufi e di tutti i prodotti che hanno fatto famosi nel mondo i maestri Norcini. Puoi mangiare sul posto o comprare e portare via le migliori carni della zona lavorate con sapienza da Mastro Peppe
Martino Guidolin
Martino Guidolin
Ottima norcineria rifornitissima (come d'altronde buona parte delle norcinerie della zona che tengono alta l'arte della cura della carne del maiale 🐷)! Ottimo per fare uno spuntino o un pasto! In foto: tagliere per due persone!
Bel negozio splendide persone
valentina magi
valentina magi
Prodotti pazzeschi , bontà qualità e cortesia!! Se passate da Norcia dovete assolutamente assaggiare i loro prodotti … se invece volete darmi fiducia procedere direttamente con l’acquisto on line garantita la bontà 👌👌

The goodness of Mastro Peppe in Norcia

Rediscover the Authentic Taste

Here are some delicacies to savor, even with your eyes, directly in the Degusteria of our store in Norcia or in guided tasting tours, in our aging cellars.
Our norcineria goes well with cheeses, eggs, homemade bread, local honey, the famous Norcia truffle…

All products are Zero Kilometers!

gran tagliere
Pane Uovo e Tartufo
caprese bufala tartufo
bufala prosciutto Connubio
Tagliere di Porchetta
Bread, sausage and truffle
Prosciutto Melone e Bufala
Bruschetta al Tartufo
bufala pecorino
Sfizio al Tartufo
Sfizio di Bosco
dolci ansuini mastro peppe

The Shop and Tastery

We are waiting for you
in Norcia!

To buy our Specialties directly and taste genuine products, typical of Norcia and Umbria and of high quality.


Monday through Sunday
8:30 - 19:00

Tuesday: CLOSED


Monday through Sunday
8:30 - 22:00


Closed for Holidays

From 15/01 to 28/02 the store will be CLOSED.
You can always buy online!

The Seasoning Cellars

in Cellar in Norcia

We organize tastings for groups in the Cellar: come and visit our pork factory and book the “tour” in the Cellar.

At the end of the tour full of curiosities, a wonderful leisure break awaits us, where we can taste all our products, accompanied by excellent Umbrian wines.