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Welcome to Mastro Peppe’s Degusteria, the first and the original, intended and created to celebrate the pork products and gastronomic excellence of Norcia. We are proud to offer a selection of local delicacies, including Lonza, Lonzino, Corallina, Ciabuscolo, Salsiccia di Prosciutto, Coglioni di Mulo, Salame Norcino, Pecorino di Norcia DOP and other local artisan-made cheeses, porchetta and fine truffles…

Gran Tagliere

Gran tagliere

(for 2 people)
Artisan ham from the pigs of the local Funari Farm,
Lonza, Lonzino, Corallina, Ciabuscolo, Prosciutto Sausage, Coglioni di Mulo, Salame Norcino.
From the local Palombi Farm, Soft Pecorino, Honey and Truffle Salted Ricotta, Aged Pecorino.

32,00 €

Pane Uovo e Tartufo

Pane Uovo e Tartufo

Egg on wood-fired bread with seasonal truffle grated with extra virgin olive oil from Gaudenzi oil mill and a pinch of salt.

16,00 €

Bufala e Tartufo

caprese bufala tartufo

Caprese with Buffalo Mozzarella from the local Sant’Andrea Farm and grated seasonal truffles.

17,00 €


bufala pros

Artisanal ham from the pigs of the local Funari Farm, buffalo mozzarella from the Sant’Andrea Farm, and truffle bruschetta.

17,00 €

Tagliere di Porchetta

Tagliere di Porchetta

Wood-fired porchetta chopping board.
Wood-fired cooking gives the dish a smoky flavor and intense aroma, while the meat remains tender and juicy.

14,00 €

Pane e Salsiccia Cotta

Bread, sausage and truffle

Homemade bread and grilled sausage made by us with grated seasonal truffle and acacia honey from Castelluccio.
Possibility without truffle and honey: €10.00.

16,00 €

Prosciutto, Melone e Bufala

Prosciutto Melone e Bufala

Artisan ham from the pigs of the local Funari Farm, Buffalo Mozzarella from the local Sant’Andrea Farm and Melon.

15,00 €

Bruschetta al Tartufo

Bruschetta al Tartufo

Bread with grated truffle and extra virgin oilva oil from Gaudenzi oil mill.

14,00 €

Sapori di Pecora e Bufala

bufala pecorino

From Azienda Agricola Palombi, soft Pecorino, honey and truffle salted ricotta, aged Pecorino.
From Sant’Andrea Farm, buffalo cheese.

17,00 €

Sfizio al Tartufo

Sfizio al Tartufo

Mozzarella di Bufala from Azienda Agricola Sant’Andrea, with grated seasonal truffle.

11,00 €

Sfizio di Bosco

Sfizio di Bosco

Fruit salad with blackberries, raspberries and blueberries.

5,00 €

The truffle we serve is quarried by us

The truffle we serve is an aromatic and prized tuber, harvested and quarried directly by us in the Norcia territories. This fresh truffle boasts an intense, concentrated aroma with notes of underbrush and mushroom. Its granular meatiness is elevated by a glyophilic component that stands out with aged cheeses and roasted meat. Our directly quarried fresh truffle retains all the aromatic and flavor qualities of a product of the highest quality and traceability.


dolci ansuini mastro peppe
Sfizio di ricotta nostrale 4,00 €
Zuppa Inglese 4,00 €
Tozzeti e Sagrantino 7,00 €


Water 50cl 1,00 €
Coca Cola 33cl 2,50 €
Coca Cola zero 33cl 2,50 €
Fanta 33cl 2,50 €
Heineken 33cl  2,50 €
Heineken 66cl 4,00 €

To best enjoy our products, we recommend pairing them with a Rosso di Montefalco Riserva 20sedici numbered bottles, or Nursia craft beer from the monks of Norcia.

Monks of Norcia craft beer

Nursia Bionda 33cl 6,00 €
Nursia Bionda 75cl 12,00 €
Nursia Triple 33cl 6,00 €
Nursia Triple 75cl 12,00 €
Nursia Extra 33cl 6,00 €
Nursia Extra 75cl 12,00 €

Wine Winery Pennacchi

Glass Rosso di Montefalco 3,50 €
Glass Grechetto 3,50 €
Grechetto 750ml 11,00 €
Grechetto Porzio 750ml 20,00 €
Sagrantino di Montefalco 750ml 23,00 €
Rosso di Montefalco 750ml 15,00 €
Rosso di Montefalco Riserva 20sedici 750ml 20,00 €
Sagrantino passito 375ml 24,00 €

To Finish

Coffee 1,50 €
Bitters and Grappa 2,00 €
Bread and Cover 1,50 €