The Pigs of Norcia by
Mastro Peppe

Pigs raised outdoors in Norcia by the Fratelli Funari farm, with a controlled and certified Umbrian supply chain. The pigs are processed by Norcineria Ansuini Mastro Peppe, heir to a long dynasty of pork butchers.

A Quality Partnership

The Pigs of Norcia

The Ansuini brothers Emiliano and Frabrizio, with the supervision of Mastro Peppe, have begun a partnership with the Fratelli Funari Farm in Norcia.

The Funari Brothers, Guerino, Mauro and Valentino, raise pigs in a semi-wild state on their farm in Norcia, in the wide spaces of the Santa Scolastica Valley, specifically in the Grotti area.


It has been years now, when, with a warm handshake, as is the custom of the place, the collaboration between Funari Farm and Norcineria Ansuini Mastro Peppe was sealed. Since then, our company, has been exclusively processing pigs raised in Norcia, as is the tradition.

For years the Ansuini brothers have been pursuing a project of short and fully traceable supply chain, this agreement is the beginning of a new adventure that will allow to bring on your tables excellences, if possible, even better.

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Don’t trust imitations

Only the brand name “Norcineria Ansuini Mastro Peppe” guarantees you the freshness, authenticity and flavor of eal Umbrian cured meats.

Buy only from this site or visit us at our only store in downtown Norcia.

Quality of raw material

Free-range pigs

Pigs have a more natural and less stressful life, which is reflected in the quality of meat and sausages.

Norcia is a town in Umbria famous for its gastronomic tradition, particularly its salami and hams. But what is the secret of these highly prized and delicious products? The answer lies in the quality of the raw material: free-range pigs raised in Norcia.

Free-range pigs in Norcia are animals that live in a natural and healthy environment, where they can express their typical behavior and enjoy a varied and balanced diet. This is reflected in the welfare of the animals and the quality of their meat, which is leaner, tender, tastier and rich in unsaturated fatty acids beneficial to health.

Free-range pig farming in Norcia also respects the environment and the land, as it does not produce pollution and helps maintain the rural landscape. It also promotes the preservation of native breeds of pigs, such as the Cinta Senese and Nero di Norcia, which would otherwise risk extinction.

Free-range pigs in Norcia are therefore an ethical, ecological and tasty choice, guaranteeing a high quality and genuine product. If you want to taste Norcia’s cured meats and hams, look for the Norcineria Ansuini Mastro Peppe brand, which certifies the origin and typicality of the products.

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