Liqueur Nocino 70cl


Nocino liqueur recommended by Ansuini butchery. Bottle 0,70 l.

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Nocino Liqueur

Nocino liqueur, or San Giovanni liqueur. Tradition has it that the nocino is made with walnuts that are harvested on the night of St. John (between 23 and 24 June) early in the morning. At the end of June the walnuts are still green, the husk that covers them is tender, the walnuts are rich in essential oils.

The nocino has an intense and full-bodied aroma, it is an ideal liqueur for cold winters, so much so that the nursina tradition encloses it among the Christmas liqueurs.

Nocino is an excellent digestive thanks to its high content of tannins.


  • alcohol
  • sugar
  • infusion walnut husk 1%,
  • fragrances
  • caramel coloring E150/d.

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You want to make the liqueur yourself read the recipe of homemade Nocino.

Nocino Liqueur

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