Prosciutto Mastro Peppe about 10 Kg

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Prosciutto di Norcia Mastro Peppe, aged 28 months, ham aged in the cellar. Weight about 10Kg.

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Prosciutto Mastro Peppe aged 30 months

The king of pork products is undoubtedly ham.

Mastro Peppe ham is not a traditional product it is “La Tradizione“, a centuries-old art that is handed down from mother / father to daughter / son.

Mastro Peppe, Fabrizio and Emiliano make ham as it has been handed down to them and as they will pass on, the rules are basically simple, once made their own, just remember the most important: never compromise, never break tradition.

Mastro Peppe ham aged 30 months

The Selection
We select only large pigs in order to obtain, at the end of seasoning, a ham with the right fat and a weight of not less than 10Kg

Salting and Sugnatura
We do not talk about all the “steps” in between, it would be too long, but we invite you to come and see for yourself how we prepare it.

The last phase, perhaps the most important, certainly the most delicate, a real ham can only be seasoned in a real cellar, only the old cellars of Norcia can impress those unmistakable flavors and smells, come and visit our cellars to really understand what we are talking about. We season the Hams of Norcia for a minimum of 24 months, in the cellar you will find hams with 36 and 48 months of maturation.

The ham on sale is aged at least 30 months.

The price includes the special ham holder handmade by a carpenter from Norcia.


  • Pork,
  • salt
  • fragrances
  • spices.

Does not contain:

  • lactose;
  • gluten.

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Weight 10 kg


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