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Rosso di Montefalco riserva, a wine not to forget.

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Rosso di Montefalco riserva, numbered bottles, in 2021 996 bottles were made.

Rosso di Montefalco Riserva vintage 2018

VentiSedici the red of Montefalco reserves not to forget the events of 2016; to remember the seismic events of 2016, which shocked the entire central Italy, a wine is born that wants to keep alive, in everyone, the memory of the earthquake areas.

A unique wine, a great structure that comes from the grapes harvested by hand, from their maceration for at least thirty days and from the maturation in barriques for twenty-four months.

From vines of low production and very high quality, less than 100 quintals per hectare, a set of native and non-native grapes, 60% Sangiovese, 25% Merlot, 15% Sagrantino, all rigorously cultivated in the hills of Montefalco. Its excellent balance results in a coexistence of unique aromas, berries, vegetable tones, vanilla and licorice.

The full and persistent structure, the ruby red color tending to garnet and the set of its characteristics marry it, of course, with the high quality artisan butcheries of the F.lli Ansuini di Mastro Peppe.

The price includes the container in memory of the 2016 earthquake.

“From this year, the two thousand and one, every year will be produced, numbered and distributed the bottles of Rosso di Montefalco Riserva, the barrel of the earthquake, the “rite” will be repeated every year until the last church, house, street, destroyed or damaged by the earthquake will not be repaired.”

A collaborative work between the territories of Norcia and Montefalco, a work of solidarity that involves the Cantina Pennacchi, F.lli Ansuini di Mastro Peppe and the social cooperative Asset.

20sedici earthquake montefalco reserve

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