Shop Fratelli AnsuiniLentils and… Legumes and cereals, excellent for preparing soups or boiled as a condiment, our legumes, grown in the natural environment of the Sibillini Mountains, are of the highest quality. You can choose between beans, chickpeas and chickling peas, typical of the Nursina peasant tradition. The place of honor is reserved for the precious lentil of Castelluccio di Norcia. It is cultivated at about 1400 m above sea level without the use of herbicides, in the most uncontaminated area of nursino and in 1997 it obtained the European recognition of “Protected Geographical Indication” (PGI) product. With an unmistakable flavor, it has slightly reduced dimensions compared to common lentils. We suggest you prepare them with our fresh sausages, a real treat! Another excellent product of local agriculture is spelt, which you can find whole or broken, ideal for preparing soups or cold salads, also delicious “puffed”, to be eaten raw. We have also thought of those who have little time to spend in the kitchen, you will find, in fact, legumes and cereals already selected and mixed, ready to be cooked.
In our shop you will find, in addition to seasoned products, fresh meat; different types of polenta; a wide selection of Umbrian, white and red D.O.C. wines; truffle oil; bitter truffle; D.O.P. extra virgin olive oil; first choice egg pasta, also excellent in the truffle version; fresh ricotta, produced using only milk from local farms; products in oil. Finally, if you pass by our part in a favorable pork processing period, another delicacy that we will prepare are the sfrizzoli; In fact, since “nothing is thrown away from the pig” the lard, transformed into lard, after a long cooking allows you to obtain these appetizers with a brownish color, irregular shape but really intense taste! Try it also in the white pizza dough.