Christmas Baskets and
Gift Wrapping

If you are looking for an original and tasty gift for the upcoming holidays, you can choose from the various Christmas baskets and gift boxes offered by Norcineria Ansuini Mastro Peppe.

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Gift baskets, Christmas baskets or for other occasions, our offers for Christmas with artisanal products from Norcia.

Give or give as gifts products of the highest quality, expertly crafted in our norcineria in the historic center of Norcia.

The gift basket, in addition to being a surely gratito present, is the best way to savor several of our products, even outside of the holidays.

What better for a Christmas or other holiday gift than our handcrafted products? You can also build the basket according to your needs.

You will find a selection of traditional pork products, such as cold cuts, cheeses, wines and sweets, packaged in elegant boxes or wicker baskets. You can order online or visit the store in Norcia, where you can also sample the house specialties. Christmas baskets and gift boxes from Norcineria Ansuini Mastro Peppe are the perfect way to surprise your loved ones with the authentic flavor of Umbria.

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The goodness of Mastro Peppe in Norcia

Give the Gift of Authentic Taste

Give or treat yourself to the authentic delicacies and savories of Umbrian pork products. Delight the palate with our selected, unique and irresistible products.

We prepare baskets for all needs, contact us.