Norcia’s Traditional and Haute Gastronomic Products

A journey to discover the authentic and genuine flavors of Umbrian cuisine, including cured meats, cheeses, truffles and typical products from Norcia. A selection of gastronomic excellences that tell the story and culture of an area rich in tradition and quality.

Norcia is a town in Umbria famous for its norcina tradition, or the art of processing pork and producing high-quality cured meats and sausages. Norcini are the masters who have been butchering pork for centuries and turning every part of it into delicacies such as prosciutto, sausage, salami, capocollo, loin, guanciale and many others.

Among Norcia’s typical pork products is sausage, spiced with pepper, garlic and wild fennel, which is used to prepare pasta alla norcina, a creamy and flavorful first course. Norcia sausage has received IGP (Protected Geographical Indication) recognition and is appreciated throughout Italy for its delicate and aromatic taste.

Another excellent product of Norcia pork butchery is prosciutto, cured for at least 12 months in natural environments and with the addition of sea salt and pepper. Norcia ham has a sweet and fragrant flavor, with a soft and velvety texture. Norcia ham has also been awarded the PGI mark and is one of the stars of the Umbrian table.

In addition to cured meats and sausages, Norcia’s norcineria offers other products of the local high gastronomy, such as cheeses, truffles, lentils, mushrooms, and cereals. Among the cheeses, sheep’s ricotta, used for pasta alla norcina, and pecorino, aged or fresh, stand out. Truffles include the black truffle of Norcia and the prized white truffle. Among lentils, those from Castelluccio di Norcia, small and tender, stand out. Among mushrooms one can enjoy porcini, chiodini and prataioli. Among cereals, spelt, barley and rye are cultivated.

Norcineria Ansuini Mastro Peppe is one of the oldest and most renowned in Norcia, founded in 1938 by Giuseppe Ansuini, known as Mastro Peppe. The Mastro Peppe pork butchery focuses on the quality of its pork products, selecting the best pork and following traditional recipes handed down through generations. Mastro Peppe’s norcineria also offers an online sales service for its products, with home delivery throughout Italy.

If you want to discover the authentic flavors of Norcia’s norcineria tradition and haute gastronomy, we recommend you visit Mastro Peppe’s norcineria or our official Mastro Peppe e-commerce on this website. Here you can find a wide selection of typical Umbrian products to enjoy with your family or to give as gifts to your friends.

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Here are some Tradition products for sale

  • Cold cuts and cheeses: products derived from the artisanal processing of pork and sheep meat, following the ancient recipes of norcineria. Among the most famous cured meats are prosciutto Mastro Peppe, prodotto e stagionato a Norcia, nelle nostre cantine naturali IGP, salame norcino, capocollo, lonza, salsiccette and cojoni de mulo. Cheeses include aged or fresh pecorino, flavored with truffles or herbs.
  • Truffle: one of the most prized and sought-after products of the Norcia area, growing wild in the surrounding forests. The Norcia black truffle is used fresh or in sauces to season pasta dishes, crostini, eggs and meats. It is also added to cured meats and cheeses to give them a unique and intense flavor.
  • Castelluccio di Norcia IGP lentils: small, tender and flavorful, they are grown in the heights of Castelluccio, where every year we witness the spectacular flowering. Castelluccio lentils do not need to be soaked and lend themselves to a variety of preparations, such as soups, salads and side dishes.
  • Stranggozzi: a type of pasta typical of the norcina tradition, made with flour, water and salt. Strangozzi have an elongated and thin shape, similar to spaghetti. They can be dressed with various sauces, such as norcina style with sausage and truffle, wild boar or hare ragout, or simple with cacio e pepe.
  • Extra virgin olive oil: another quality product of Umbria, obtained by pressing olives harvested by hand in the region’s many olive groves. Umbrian extra virgin olive oil has a fruity, delicate flavor and is used both raw and for cooking.
  • Desserts: among the sweet specialties of Norcia and Umbria are sweet Easter pizza, a soft, fragrant cake with raisins, candied fruit and aniseed; farfotte, cookies filled with cream or jam; and rocciata, a typical Assisi dessert made with rolled puff pastry and filled with dried fruit, jam and chocolate.

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