Whole Norcia Cheek 1Kg


The guanciale di Norcia made as per tradition seasoned to perfection. Whole piece about 1Kg.

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Norcia Guanciale

From the cheek of the pig, hence the name, you get an excellent salami to be eaten sliced or as a condiment in pasta carbonara.

The ancient recipe of Mastro Peppe includes several processing phases, including salting in brine.

As seasonings can be used pepper or chilli.

The seasoning, which begins in the cellar with a wood-burning fireplace, lasts a minimum of 60 days.

How we do it and season it.


  • Pork,
  • salt
  • Pepper
  • sucrose
  • garlic
  • wine.

Does not contain:

  • lactose;
  • gluten.

In the store you can also find the Trancio

Read carefully
The butchery could be sent vacuum-packed, the vacuum is made for transport, upon arrival of the product we advise you to remove it from the vacuum, and consume it not before 4-6 hours of rest in the fridge in the vegetable section, it must be removed from the fridge at least an hour before consuming it.

Whole pillow Norcia

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