Pancetta tesa di Norcia 400gr


Tense bacon of Norcia. Slice of about 400gr.

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Pancetta tesa di Norcia

We select and work the meat of the pork side to obtain this particular product, finished after a long maturation in our cellars, starting with the one with a wood-burning fireplace.

Bacon is excellent to be consumed both cooked and raw.

The slices that are obtained from the cut, preferably low, have both fat and lean parts.


  • Pork,
  • salt
  • Pepper
  • sucrose
  • garlic
  • wine.

Does not contain:

  • lactose;
  • gluten.

Read carefully
The bacon could be sent vacuum-packed, the vacuum is made for transport, upon arrival of the product we advise you to remove it from the vacuum, and to consume it not before 4-6 hours of rest in the fridge in the vegetable section, it must be removed from the fridge at least an hour before consuming it. To store it, wrap it in a dry cloth and place it in the lower part of the fridge. In this way it keeps well for two months.

Pancetta Tesa of Norcia

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