Norcia pigs at Mastro Peppe’s Ansuini pork butchery.

Another round of pigs from the Funari Brothers’ farm.

The collaborative relationship between Fratelli Funari and our pork company continues, and today we are processing more animals from their Norcia farm.

Excellent meat, definitely superior quality, Mastro Peppe started processing the half-carcasses right away, some of the meat will go for our nursine specialties, loin, lonzino, guanciale, corallina.

We will also keep a part for the fresh counter, we want to let our customers taste these meats, make them feel how good they are even with a simple cooking, hurry there is not much availability, we will talgi loin, loin, neck and bacon, also you will find livers and liver bites.

We look forward to seeing you in the store, at 105 Via Anicia in the historic center of Norcia.