Norcia truffle, Tuber melanosporum, Norcia’s prized black truffle is the specialty of Norcia’s cuisine, also called “the black gold.” For generations, beginning with grandfather Abraham, our family has been dedicated to the “quarry” with the help of our trusty helpers: Nerina, Chira, Lilla and Mira. These are the names of the truffle dogs, as you will notice all females, the most skilled in this type of activity that during the harvesting period allow us to present you with truffles that are always fresh.
Starting in the fall and throughout the winter you will find the prized black truffle and the uncinato, and in the summer the scorzone.
We guarantee quality, but not quantity! This in fact depends solely on the seasons and rainfall.
Those who are unfamiliar with truffles and visit our store at times other than harvest time still have the opportunity to taste them. In fact, over the years a special preservation technique for this gastronomic specialty has been put in place that allows the freshly harvested product, whole or ground, to be kept inside glass jars.